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  • interested in collaborative mathematics & esp in computational complexity theory, and attacking hard open problems eg P vs NP esp by "nonprofessionals/nonacademics" or outsiders/contrarians.
polymath proposal: outline for a NP vs P/Poly proof
  • think the gamification of the protein folding problem is a great nearby example/case study
  • bought Nielsen's book on Reinventing Discovery. agree with it wholeheartedly about a gamechanging shift in play.
  • think the deolalikar proof effort in cyberspace is a really great case of the TCS community taking seriously and vetting a proof by an outsider even before it was formally published
  • hope that it can happen again some day, maybe becoming a regular or even frequent occurrence
  • use stack exchange network extensively/regularly but feel its a little too prickly to outsiders and too constricting at times.
  • looking for other venues/forums without a heavyhanded "gatekeeper" vibe & also think its a critical property of genuine/gamechanging open/collaborative science

vzn's Turing Machine blog