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It would be cool to have a polymath logo to replace "set $wgLogo to the URL path...".


?!? wikisysop whats the problem with the Jun Fukuyama's P≠NP Paper link? "Additional links are very welcome." ... yeah right. --vzn 12/9/2012

The section is entitled "Discussions about Polymath", and the statement "Additional links are very welcome" refers to additional links about the Polymath Project, not arbitrary links. The page on Fukuyama's paper is not a discussion about the Polymath Project. More generally, at present I don't see how Fukuyama's paper is related to the Polymath Project. WikiSysop 00:38, 11 December 2012 (UTC)
it was put iin the section "polymath like projects" already containing a link to evaluations of the Deolalikar proof, a now apparently defunct project after 2.5 yrs. isnt this proof claim similar? vzn 12/10/2012
It's not relevant to that section, either, unless there's a Polymath-like proof evaluation going on, like that which went on at Lipton's blog for Deolalikar's attempt. I'm not aware of any such large-scale effort. WikiSysop 02:26, 11 December 2012 (UTC)
oh! apparently mistakenly thought that the pt of polymath was to promote and "facilitate such efforts even at the seed stage! ok fine, how many comments on a blog, and/or by whom would pass the required threshold? or do you "know it when you see it"? vzn 12/10/2012
Do you agree that it's not currently relevant to the wiki? It could perhaps become relevant in the future, but at the moment I don't see how anyone could reasonably argue that it's relevant. WikiSysop 02:35, 11 December 2012 (UTC)

could someone fix the editing help link on the bottom of the wiki edit page? it leads to empty page. not very user friendly eh? in particular is there a tag that substitutes in the current time for discussion edits? vzn 12/10/2012