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I think the method used to find it was the same as for the first one. A I understand it, Klas has a program that searches for sequences of length over [math]100n[/math] extended from a list of sequences of length [math]25[/math] that he already knows are extendable to length [math]100(n-1)[/math]. So far he's posted three sequences of length over [math]1000[/math] generated in this way, of which two have yielded sequences of length [math]1124[/math] by using them as initial nodes in a depth-first search.

Ok, I thought you used a (p,q) trick that you didn't use the first time? I no one minds, I will keep two pages about 1124 sequences: One about the first (since we have lot about that one), and one about all of them. Perhaps they will turn into one page about our analyses of the sequences and one page about how we found them. --SuneJ 19:15, 9 January 2010 (UTC)