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The Problem

The basic problem to be considered by the Polymath1 project is to explore a particular combinatorial approach to the density Hales-Jewett theorem for k=3 (DHJ(3)), suggested by Tim Gowers. The original proof of DHJ(3) used arguments from ergodic theory.

Basic definitions

Useful background materials

Here is some background to the project. There is also a general discussion on massively collaborative "polymath" projects. This is a cheatsheet for editing the wiki. Finally, here is the general Wiki user's guide.

Threads and further problems

Here is a further list of blog posts related to the Polymath1 project. Here is wordpress's list. Here is a timeline of progress so far.

A spreadsheet containing the latest upper and lower bounds for [math]c_n[/math] can be found here. Here are the proofs of our upper and lower bounds for these constants.

We are also collecting bounds for Fujimura's problem, motivated by a hyper-optimistic conjecture.

There is also a chance that we will be able to improve the known bounds on Moser's cube problem.

Here are some unsolved problems arising from the above threads.

Here is a tidy problem page.

Proof strategies

It is natural to look for strategies based on one of the following:

Related theorems

All these theorems are worth knowing. The most immediately relevant are Roth's theorem, Sperner's theorem, Szemerédi's regularity lemma and the triangle removal lemma, but some of the others could well come into play as well.

Important concepts related to possible proofs

Complete proofs or detailed sketches of potentially useful results

Attempts at proofs of DHJ(3)


Density Hales-Jewett

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Coloring Hales-Jewett theorem

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Roth's theorem

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Behrend-type constructions

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Triangles and corners

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Kruskal-Katona theorem

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