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The Polymath wiki needs a logo.

Add links below to candidate images - it should be in a standard image file type, and available under a suitable copyright license.

If you have comments on the images, please add them to Talk:Logo.

SVG format, Public domain

I made some new proposals for the polymath logo. I tried to create something simple, symbolic, that looks nice at small and large scale and in color or black and white. You can see some variations on the same "theme" (as well as the sources) here: https://github.com/mseri/polymath-logos#variation-on-a-theme -- mseri 5 June 2013

Something a little less angular. Here's a PNG for viewing. If you want to play with the image, you can download the original Inkscape SVG; you'll also need the free font Coppepan Choco AL.

Another proposal: PNG (Inkscape SVG)

PNG format, Public domain

Three variations of a same idea: quite formal, over two lines, collaborative spirit.

Adding some more in response to comments: map-like less pixelized, puzzle

A more simplistic poly math logo.

A play on polygons (3D shapes), multiple layers of data (wiki) and a solid base such as Math, I came up with this preliminary logo idea.

How about something simple like this. The sigma symbolizes the effort being a sum of many people's contributions.

Another take on the sigma, this time summing all math across the globe.

Here's something a bit more compact: http://f.cl.ly/items/1F2n1l0G333R2g1r0w12/polymath7.png Or even: http://f.cl.ly/items/2i2P3j3v371i0P053b2A/polymath6.png / / http://f.cl.ly/items/1f1s021E0k2U1A0H1d1F/polymath8.png

Some variations & visual explorations I did with some of your previous ideas. http://i.imgur.com/3ca4mSN.png enjoy.

JPEG format, Public domain

One with Da Vinci drawing in the background: Vitruve man,

A very simplistic, yet still awesome logo.

JPG format, Public Domain

Playing around with some of MathType's Euclid fonts: [1] [2] [3] Image 2 w/white background [4]