"Low Dimensions" grant acknowledgments

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Participants should be arranged in alphabetical order of surname.

Participants and contact information

(Note: this list is incomplete and unofficial. Inclusion or omission from this list should not be construed as any formal declaration of level of contribution to this project.)

  • Kristal Cantwell[1]
  • Kareem Carr, NYU [2]
  • Jason Dyer, University of Arizona / Tucson Unified School District [3]
  • Christian Elsholtz
  • Kevin O'Bryant, CUNY (Staten Island and the Graduate Center), [4]
  • Klas Markström, Umeå universitet, Sweden. [5]
  • Michael Peake
  • Terence Tao, UCLA, [6]

Grant information

  • Kevin O'Bryant is supported by a grant from The City University of New York PSC-CUNY Research Award Program.
  • Terence Tao is supported by a grant from the MacArthur Foundation, by NSF grant DMS-0649473, and by the NSF Waterman award.

Other acknowledgments

Miscellaneous contributors to the project include KS Chua, Sune Kristian Jakobsen, Tyler Neylon (bounds and related quantities), Thomas Sauvaget.

Thanks to Michael Nielsen for hosting the polymath wiki for this project.

This project was a spinoff from the larger "Polymath1" project, initiated by Timothy Gowers.