Our mission

AsOne's mission is to accelerate scientific progress by enabling massive, efficient collaboration on humanity’s hardest problems.

Humanity has invented the internet, but modern research is still largely carried out by small groups of academics working mostly independently of each other. There is a bandwidth problem in Academia. We believe there is a better model. The Polymath Projects were born when Fields medalist Timothy Gowers asked "Is massively collaborative mathematics possible?" Eleven years and sixteen Polymath Projects later, the answer is a resounding yes! AsOne looks to take the Polymath Project model and scale it up to include any research problem which could benefit from having an online community dedicated to solving it, including topics outside of math.

Current problems with peer review

The traditional peer review process is slow and opaque, sometimes taking up to years to verify a new result. Peer review should take weeks, not years. By distributing peer review among an entire community of peers, we can achieve an open and transparent review process, allowing for rigorous verification in a fraction of the time with a smaller workload for each individual reviewer.

Commitment to open access

We believe that academic research should be openly accessible to all, regardless of institutional affiliation or economic status. The subscription-based business model of the traditional journal fosters social inequality by putting up barriers to entry for universities and scholars from developing economies. We will never paywall any content on our platform.

...but if we don't paywall content, how can we finance all this research?

Crowdfunding research

Our answer is to integrate a crowdfunding platform which will allow anyone to sponsor research that interests them. These contributions can be made to individual researchers or to a per-topic pool which is then distributed among the topic’s verified researchers on a monthly basis. The percentage of the monthly pool received by a researcher is based on how much time they commit to actively researching the topic and helping its community. This allows us to compensate and celebrate those important referees who currently perform their review work without pay or recognition.

Last words

A famous quote from Évariste Galois eloquently echoes the mission of the company:

Quand la concurrence c’est-à-dire l’égoïsme ne règnera plus dans les sciences, quand on s’associera pour étudier, au lieu d’envoyer aux académies des paquets cachetés, on s’empressera de publier ses moindres observations pour peu qu’elles soient nouvelles, et on ajoutera: “je ne sais pas le reste”.


When competition, that is egoism, no longer reigns in the sciences, when people join to study, then instead of sending sealed parcels to academies one will rush to publish any of one’s observations if they are new, and one will add “I do not know the rest”.