a/scholarize posted by Thomas Vu 1 year ago

Thomas here -- the founder of AsOne. Welcome! 馃憢


This short guide is meant to help you get the most out of AsOne.\(\)


AsOne is a platform for crowdsourcing research. It's like a "Reddit for research" -- where anyone can create/join research communities, and participate in research discussions. Our mission is to make research openly accessible and massively collaborative.


To better understand what AsOne is trying to accomplish, check out this TED talk by Michael Nielsen, a pioneer in the field of quantum computing and a vocal advocate for open science.

Next up, introduce yourself!


AsOne is a community of people who are interested in sharing and collaborating on research in the open. The key word here is "community." Don't be shy!


For starters, take a second to introduce yourself and share your goals in the comments below. 馃憞

Just say a few words about who you are, why you're here, and what you hope to accomplish or learn in 2020.

Take a moment to say hello to someone else as well!


If you want to chat with our team or request a feature, we have a Discord server. Come say hi!

We hope you'll enjoy your stay, and please tell your friends and family in research about us! 鉂わ笍


-- AsOne Team

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Yash Dani 路 1 year ago [-]

Hey! I'm Yash and I run Scholarize. I love talking about research in ML and marine biology. Message me if you want to work on cool projects connecting AI w/ science.

ebiederstadt 路 1 year ago [-]

Hello everyone!

My name is Erik Biederstadt, and I'm another co-founder of AsOne. I met Thomas back in February where he described his vision for AsOne, and I've been working on it since.

I'm generally interested in creating new a novel things, and I have a lot of friends working to become scientists, so inovating in this space really interests me.

smh 路 1 year ago [-]

Hello world!


I鈥檓 Steven Munsu Hwang and a co-founder of AsOne. Thomas sold me on his passion and vision for AsOne, and I鈥檝e been working on it ever since.


My research area of interest is theoretical computer science, and I want to figure out which particulars of TCS I want to pursue for graduate school (hopefully by interacting with posters of https://asone.ai/topic/compsci!).

Ricky Mao 路 1 year ago [-]

Hi everyone 馃憢,


My name is Ricky Mao and I run Scholarize with Yash Dani. I am looking forward to learn more about new findings in science and I also hope to collaborate with people on projects. I love chatting about science research and hope to read more new and exciting papers, especially ones in brain machine interfaces and other innovative biotechnologies!

smh 路 1 year ago [-]

Hey Ricky,


Speaking of brain machine interfaces, how excited are you for Neuralink鈥檚 upcoming update and what were your general thoughts about their last presentation?