a/php posted by darkterminal 1 year ago

In the first phase of the experiment, I want to create a Rest Server using ReactPHP and make the Gitlab Private Repository as data storage. However, I cannot write it down and explain it, because it is not finished yet.

On this occasion I would like to share something that I think can be useful for other developers.


After everything is prepared, what you need to pay attention to is the endpoints that will interact with Integromat and distribute the database to the destination location.

In this case, I am using Codeigniter Framework to create my website and create a Rest API endpoint to interact with Integromat, let's just say this is Webhook (hmm... looks stupid). I will provide a snippet from the Controller that will interact with the Integromat and Library FlySystem as data distributors for Gitlab.

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Thomas Vu · 1 year ago [-]

Cool stuff, thanks for sharing!